Tammy Joyful ~ Spiritual Guidance and Learning Opportunities

You are Invited to BE Your True Self on Your Highest Path. Tammy guides you to Remember “How to Be” and to Create your Life. She assists in Accessing Your Own Inner Guidance, Your Own Higher and Deeper Knowing. Remembering at a Deep Level that You are an Immortal Soul Gifted with a Human Life.

There is always more to Learn. Always more to Discover.

Email TammyJoyfulGuidance@gmail.com with your inquiry regarding these opportunities.

Facebook: Tammy Joyful and Meetup: Tammy Joyful Meditations and More

Introduction to Animal Communication workshop ~ 2.5 hours ~ online ~ $55

Have you wondered what your pet would say if they could talk?

Do you think your pet understands what you are saying to them?

In this introduction to Animal Communication workshop, we will explore what it means to listen to animals and talk to them. We will have fun and experience connecting with two animals using intuition and telepathy. Please have a photo of one or two animals available.

My goal for this workshop is to help you and your pet/animal companion understand each other better, so household dynamics improve or to make a good relationship even better.

Introduction to Energy Clearing workshop ~ 2.5 hours ~ online~ $55

#1 Priority in Life: Deep Commitment to a Co-creative Partnership with Source of All Creation

A Path to Self Healing

Who Am I? Why am I here?

Exploring your Giftedness: Finding your True Self , Your Highest Path

Co-Creative Guidance Specifically tailored to Your Journey: 3 month 6 month 12 months 18 months

The Quantum Series ~ You are Invited on a Journey of Discovery into the Quantum Field of Possibilities

  • Quantum Clarity and Simplicity ~ Relationship with Things in your life
  • Quantum Empowerment ~ Relationship with Self
  • Quantum Connection ~ Relationship with Others
  • Quantum Expansion ~ Relationship with the All and Everything

Email TammyJoyfulGuidance@gmail.com with your inquiry regarding these opportunities.