Tammy Joyful

Who Am I?  That is a question Tammy believes everyone should ask themselves regularly as we are always changing and expanding.

Tammy Joyful ~ “I AM Love. I Spread Joy and Love around the world.”

Tammy is a Divine Conduit, Energy Worker, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Mentor, a Mom, Sage, Wisely Empowered One, Ancient One, Blue Printer, Blue Ray, Ascension Guide, Illusion Buster, Twin Flame, Transforming Blockages Graduate, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Usui Holy Fire Reiki® Master.

She is Queen of Manifestation, Master of Super Abundance, Seeker of Clarity for ALL, Freedom Embracer, Creator of New Beginnings

Tammy assists others through the Ascension process and helps to raise the frequency of everyone she encounters.  Tammy Connects with her Spiritual Team consisting of: Source of All Creation, her Cosmic Counsel, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Ancient Ones, Arcturians, Inter galactic Committee, Angels and Guides. She uses all the skills she has learned on her own Healing Journey to assist others on their Healing Journey including: Reiki, Energy Clearing, Tapping, Vocal Sound Healing, Language of Light, Channeling. We are all on a Continuous Healing Journey; always healing, learning and moving to a new level.

She works multi-dimensionally (at a personality, soul level and beyond) to transform blocks to Loving Yourself and others. She is a conduit to Awaken your Love for Life. She restores Balance and Harmony to the Mind, Body and Spirit. She helps release old family patterns, childhood and other trauma, generational issues, emotional triggers to name a few. We all carry much baggage and she helps to identify it, Transform it and “Let it go” to increase your connection to Creator allowing the Energy to flow more freely to you and through you, so your body is better able to heal itself. As you heal, you find your Inner Joy and the ability to be One with your Universal Love, Light Frequency.

Tammy is Honored to share part of this Life Journey together with you.


LOVE Life and LIVE it to the full!

Tammy Joyful ~ Energy Healer | Psychic | Spiritual Mentor | Animal Healing/Communication | Usui Holy Fire Reiki® Master

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