Tammy Joyful ~ Energy Healing | Animal Communication | Psychic Medium | Spiritual Guidance

Divine Conduit of Love, Messages, Healing & Guidance to assist you live an Empowered Life

Contact Tammy Joyful at 719.640.9728 TammyJoyfulGuidance@gmail.com

Serving Vancouver, Washington and remote worldwide

Tammy is a Divine Conduit of Love, Messages, Healing & Guidance to assist you live an Empowered Life. It is her Purpose and Mission to hold sacred space for your Quantum Healing Process. To assist in transforming your life in ways you never imagined possible using Quantum clearing methods, energy healing, communicating with your animals and crossed over loved ones. She would love to use her strong connection to her spiritual team and yours to walk along-side you on your journey with Spiritual Guidance. Tammy will help you align back with Source/God and utilize that divine energy available to you. She will powerfully clear dark energies and discordant energy while infusing you with positive expression, so you are better able to Heal Yourself and further Transform your own Life. She wishes for you to KNOW and LOVE your true authentic self, to feel your own GENTLE STRENGTH and be truly JOYFUL. You will feel the power of her gifts transform you and allow you to step into living an Empowered Life.

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All Sessions are Half Hour $66 One Hour $111

For questions or to schedule a session please email TammyJoyfulGuidance@gmail.com

All Sessions are remote and are prepaid with PayPal which offers credit/debit card option or PayPal.me/TammyJoyful    

Testimonials Check them out to see what others are saying.

May you find Words of Encouragement and Empowerment in her Blog: My First Blog Post – By Faith Tammy Joyful or Tammy Joyful Lesher on Facebook    Tammy Joyful on YouTube   Tammy.Joyful Instagram

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